Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority


About BusETA

BusETA a new bus arrival information system. BusETA provides an enhanced user experience for customers using an open-source arrival-prediction algorithm that is quickly becoming a standard in the transit industry.

Among the features of BusETA:

  • Real-time bus arrival information is updated every 30 seconds for accuracy
  • Displays up to three next buses to arrive
  • Shows both time and distance for next bus arrival
  • Shows how many stops away a bus is located
  • Provides real-time Metro alerts and advisories alongside arrival times (available soon)
  • Eliminates "ghost buses" by clearly indicating when the system is using schedule data, rather than GPS location
  • Conveniently lists available nearby routes based on a customer's location
  • Available across all mobile and desktop applications

Riders are encouraged to provide feedback to WMATA at feedback@wmata.com.